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Trip 2 AAraku Valley

A family of 4 (Abhi & Ravi, Arun & Nalini, Bala & Anitha, Sudha & Satya, Swetha) plan a trip to Aaraku Valley, a hill station, 110kms far from Visakhapatnaam(Vizag) in Andhra-Pradesh.

We started around 6:06 PM on 26th Dec 2008, to catch the 6:25 train and found out that was a morning train and waited till 6:45PM for the other train and then moved to Secundradab railway station, boarded the train to Vizag.

Snapped while landing at Vizag

Snapped while landing at Vizag

The first place we visited was the beach at Vizag, sexy as it can be with snails and crabs all over crawling our path and bet you swetha my doll enjoyed it like anything. We used the local boat to travel in the sea for 200 meters and back, it was a real amazing exp for all.

We toured on the rope car and moved all around Vizag, a dream place to be along. Where you see the Mountains, water and the cool breeze all over, the sun did not kill us and the beach dint smell like the one in Chennai, Marina. The sand was clear with no dirt, people enjoyed the beach, the water, the sun, the sand and the small creatures that moved here and there. Swethu was busy understanding them and collecting shells. She wanted to ride the horse that we had to postpond after a while since we had to visit a lot of other places.

Then we hit the Deluxe Hotel for the lunch and then roamed down a bit to do some shopping. We also hit the aquarium and the Borra Caves. Borra caves were really good to watch. Have a look at the pics.

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