Money, Mixture & waste of time

29 Sep

I still love the 93.5, it drives me crazy. As a city boy growing up in Chennai town, It’s a mixed raising of all the blends in the group. Yet knowing and learning the details were not right in hand.

We were alone as a family, not joint. Infact my whole colony had individual families and we had grown with the match stick touch of so called tradition. Visit temple, take pradakshanams and repeat slokas each one for the ideal idol. Starting with Ganapthy, Saraswathi, Gayathri, Vishu and on… I remember some 18 now… Start the day with a filter coffee (home made), I still made a point to stick to this and I wanted my wife to prepare the best coffee (filter)… damm she managed it with instant and now I got used to it. After this comes the traditional The Hindu, as hot as a filter coffee. I’m always a last page first reader. Along with daily classified and few hot news. (Well, I can call myself a reader).

Hearing the 93.5 became a habit when I used to travel fromMadrastoBangalore&  back, each week for nearly 2 years. I remember, I dint even have a FM (what ever you call the unit) to listen too and I borrowed my friend Sony walkman with tape recorder and have 2 cassettes (S. V Sekhar & Crazy Mohan drama, recorded in one, and Maharajapuram Santhanam’s in the other) hearing them was a heaven, again and again along with the FM. Then I moved on to the Sony mp3 player, Nokia N73 Music Xpress , N93 Mini, Iphone 3, 4 and now a Samsung Galaxy 2. What a waste of money to spend on hearing, but hearing quality songs.

In this practise, I would have spend countless minutes in organizing my sound track, creating customized play-lists and getting my media art ready. Total perfection for unwanted hearing and I’m still not happy with the current one, May be the sound quality, or the hear jack or the equalizer or the way organizing my sound tracks, the 3d effects of tuning music all are a dead craft of the modern era.

Over a period of time, I had to realize that this wasn’t just with my hearing or the new phone that sweeps but with the others things that WE use, We have a handcam, that we should have used twice in a year, uploaded for the sake of using one, bought a hi-fi gadget and used it once, maybe just because we needed for that moment or just because another friend of ours own it.

My friend who is in US, still runs with a Motorola bar phone that can make only calls. (that is what a phone was for?) When he lands toIndia and watch my phone he just grabs a big eye and says, wtf you need this now. His father still uses a BPL Color TV, where we have moved over a Sony LCD, waiting for the LED to capture my eye, the confusion is to buy a LED or 3D LED with Goggles to watch the Doordarshan. With the cable  making its presence in wide range for the last 10 years, Its been the cable recharges for nearly 4000 for 85+ super channels including sports and major news and all we watch over the subscription are POGO and Cartoon Network for my child, running non-stop everyday.

The house renovations are another cause of spending money, one over the other, better over the best and best over some crap….

The so called middle class if fought between the phone and the iphone, the TV and the LCD, the mobile vs an Android touch, the SLR or a point & shoot vs a DSLR, a DVD to a Blue-Ray disk a PSP and a laptop over a tablet and a Rolex at the end to wear it off.

Over a period of time, the statement becomes plain and less powerful. We need to focus onIndiagrowth as a developing country than to buy and waste products like Diwali crackers. Buy and burn. The industry players are very cleaver to just release a model at a time with limited number of features and then release another model with an increment. This isn’t sprint but a way of selling. Take the iphone 4, the features are stupid enough to call it a version. Similarly theN D7000or the D310, Buying a LCD may be great, but without The HD versions of channels lacking all over, Its been a dam halt to watch what we want. The non stable version of the android where the 2.2 is already dead and more and more 2.3 versions are getting developed and Android is releasing one version each day. The developers on the other hand are creating small bugs and making few bucks in just releasing for a specific version and wanting users to try the first to gain control and then speed up.

One of the major reason of being a spend thrift may be due to the card culture. We have forgotten Cash as a object to posses than to posses a object equivalent of cash.

Being a gadget freak is really not important, If you are really using one over the other, remember to answer what do you do with the old one. Be responsible to spend money on the things that you use.

Money spend today is not gained morrow.

Be responsible (even while buying a life insurance) is extremely necessary at this age.   Have said this, I’m going to check out the new Samsung Galaxy 750, Its looks awesome, I think I need it… don’t know why but never mind, I can do all what I want, all what I do, in a new method. (Yeah, thatz the reason).

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