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06 Sep

There was a kingdom where the kings could rule only for a span of five years. After that the king would be taken across a river full of sharks and left in a forest where wild animals roam free. The king in our story ruled for five years in great pomp and splendor, enjoying the royal power and glory. At the end of it, when he was taken across the river, he was trembling with fear and finally met his fate, as did many of his ancestors.  

The next king to be crowned enquired about the details of how the earlier king met his end and trembled all through his reign, unable to sleep in peace for even a single day. Finally, what he feared most came about and he was also dumped in the wild forest. The king who followed him on the throne decided that there was plenty of time and the first three years could be enjoyed without any worries of the future. The years flew past and he had no plan of action. He was confused and puzzled about how to handle the situation, till the final day came and ended his agony.

Next came a king who was much smarter. The wise leader knew the fate of his predecessors. He ruled very efficiently, and took good care of the citizens. When the time came for him to leave, the people were very reluctant to let him go. However, rules are rules and they had to bid good bye to him. The king was as cheerful as ever and ordered that the boat be well decorated, fit for a king. Happily, with a song on his lips, he took leave of his people and sat in the boat. It was the same boatman, who had ferried the other three kings across. He could not understand how this king was so cheerful and not at all afraid like the others. Slowly, he asked the king the secret of his strange behavior.

The king laughed and said, ‘Do you think I did nothing in the last five years to meet this moment? I sent engineers and forest officials to clear the forest there, tame the animals and make the place habitable. Look there…..’ He pointed to the other bank. Sure enough there were palatial buildings visible in the distance and a group of people waiting with garlands to welcome him on the banks of the river! 

Why wait to act or fear about the future? Today’s wisdom and courage to act will shape a better tomorrow…”

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