Nageshwararao Park – Mylapore – Chennai

26 Aug

நாகேஸ்வரராவ் பார்க் – மயிலாப்பூர் சென்னை

Childhood thoughts:

It was a sin to visit a park, what i have heard from my family and never visited one.

Teenage thoughts:

Lets be a part of the sin 🙂

SMA Razvi, one of my best shool days friends visited this place with his family and found a girl that he admired and wanted to find her house. Thatz how I knew this place. This is the single thought I had when I heard the word Nageshwararao park.

I have seen it from a distance, Walked with Sudha when we were in school around Nageshwararao park but never thought of going inside, Just thought it was another park. (May be)

Scouting and a reason to go to parks:

When my baby wanted to get out of the house, other than the beach in chennai was this park. I was amazed the way to see the park, the same one that I have walked besides it each day, from my dear mylapore to every part of the city.

When I started digging more on this park, learned a lot of things that brought my childhood back.

One of the pleasuere places in Mylapore.

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